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About You

If your life looks great on paper
but feels crap in real life
we need to talk

Are you going through a major change in your life and you feel like you lost your identity?

You need support to explore changes in your life. You have a conflict you cant resolve alone and you feel stuck not finding the answer to it. You lack self confidence to take the next step in your career.

You are a mother, who wants to have your life back again, prioritise your needs without guilt and decrease the overwhelm of

being trapped in overwork and poor self-care.


You just had a baby or moved countries and you feel lost in this transition?

You are an Expat going through the highs and lows of living abroad feeling the lack of belonging and instability through loss of the usual social life.

As a Coach and trainer in mental fitness and resilience I will support you on the way to remove these burdens from your mind. 

All my Coaching is online via Zoom or Phone call.

Take the first little step to create your life! Baby steps are still steps.


 Book your complimentary session now!

About You: About Me
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