About You

You need support to explore the changes in your life. You have a conflict you cant resolve alone and you feel stuck not finding the answer to it.

You are a mother, who wants to have your life back again, prioritise your needs without guilt and decrease the overwhelm.

You sometimes feel isolated and trapped in overwork and poor self-care.

You want to discover, what´s holding you back in life, love and parenting.

You are an Expat going through the highs and lows of living abroad and its associated transitions.


You might feel blocked, but you are not. You are sometimes just committed to a certain pattern of behaviour because that helped in your past. Now, that behaviour has become more harmful than helpful to you, and creates major obstacles in your mind.

As a trainer in mental fitness and resilience I will accompany you on the way to remove these burdens from your mind. 

I am trained to coach you and to reflect with you on the challenges life brought up for you. 

All my Coaching is online via Zoom/GoogleMeet or Phone call. If you need to take a walk to process your mind while talking, we can also make an appointment outside in Utrecht.

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