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LESS overwhelm, MORE peace.
LESS reactive, MORE empowered.
LESS guilt and judgment, MORE grace.
LESS doubt, MORE confidence?

We can achieve that. Together!


  • Personal Life Coaching

  • Relocation Mentoring

My Coaching


My Life Coaching
Life is full of transitions, both internal and external. Get ready to start your journey to a balanced life.

I am a Transition and Mental Fitness Coach for women supporting in transitions of  your life and helping to resolve the mixed feelings you experience in moving and living abroad, career and motherhood.

In times of transition we all need coping strategies to tackle self-doubts, (social) isolation and the  lack of belonging.

What if you could talk to someone about your struggles, thoughts or ideas without judgment? 

Every life transition involves stepping into the unknown, and that can be highly uncomfortable. 

That’s why we’ll often feel resistance to big life changes, even if we might know it’ll be great for us. Before and during any life transition, you might feel scared, unsure or overwhelmed.

I hear you!

Don´t let these feelings prevent you from making progress in YOUR life. 

Learning how to control your mind so that is working for you instead of against you is one of the most important investments that you will ever make and can be the most life-changing shift that you will ever make. 

One of our first steps will be to assess where you are today on your journey. What are your values?

What fears or perceived barriers are holding you back from a happier and balanced life?

With my Coaching you will be able to reassess your challenges with a free mind and this will help you to achieve a stress free and balanced transition and ultimately reaching your goals.

As certified Mental Fitness Coach and Co-active Coach I arm you with techniques to begin your own unique transition process and to begin achieving what you most want in life.

By working with with me, you’ll be able to take a step back and find out what you really want by refocusing on your life. 

You will gain confidence and build up the resilience you need for your daily challenges.

As a CTI trained Co-active Coach certified by the ICF I also hold the certification as a Mental Fitness Coach ( CPQC) from the Institute of Positive Intelligence.

My Relocation Coaching

You moved abroad. In the new country and culture your priorities are many, but in all that you feel alone. 

It feels like you are working towards a new purpose. Every day your moving gets closer you are feeling anxious about the first weeks abroad and then arriving the mixed feelings wont stop.

Sometimes you fear the unknown, meanwhile it's full of excitement. You are feeling overwhelmed and already exhausted. This sounds like a lot.

I have been there. I know these feelings.


My Relocation Mentoring

I will be your travel companion to support you in this journey of a new beginning. I will be holding your space to explore your inner feelings in this transition so you can move forward. (Prices and Packages for life coaching apply.) 

Should you need any further practical support as a parent to start your new life in Utrecht, I will be able to help you with different options/services. Drop me a message for information on this.

Questions: hannahboehmercoaching@google.com


My support

With relocation coaching, I support you in mental challenges by:

  • Maintaining a positive mindset

  • Building up resilience

  • Reducing the stress of uprooting your entire life

  • Coping strategies to tackle all challenges like insecurity, social isolation, loneliness, frustration, culture shock, lack of belonging and loss of network of friends and family

  • Dealing with the transition with children and exploring how to be an expatriate parent.