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I currently offer two coaching options in English or German:

  • Life Coaching

  • Relocation Coaching & Mentoring+ Coaching for Teens

My Coaching


Life Coaching

Working with me is a safe space for you to face and tackle challenging situations in your life. 

By working with with me, you’ll be able to take a step back and find out what you really want by refocusing on your life. 

Together we will face your self-doubts, as they might have limited your development for a long time, so you are able to reassess your challenges with a free mind.  

I coach women who are seeking their purpose while going through major transitions in their life. It might be motherhood, the feeling of loss and fear of the unknown identity. The loss of professional status, existential questioning, or just the need to talk about the mixed feelings they experience in life, career and motherhood.

I help overwhelmed, ambitious women navigating motherhood and work, get unstuck and feel better for good.

You might have feelings like guilt or shame for not being the perfect version of your dreams and this blocks you to grow and to see perspective. Through working with me you will gain inner clarity and build up the resilience you need for the daily challenges.

As a CTI trained Co-active Coach I also obtained the certification as a Mental Fitness Coach ( CPQC) from the Institute of Positive Intelligence.

Relocation Coaching

You moved abroad. In the new country and culture your priorities are many, but in all that you feel alone. 

It feels like you are working towards a new purpose. Every day your moving gets closer you are feeling anxious about the first weeks abroad and then arriving the mixed feelings wont stop.

Sometimes you fear the unknown, meanwhile it's full of excitement. You are feeling overwhelmed and already exhausted. This sounds like a lot.

I have been there. I know these feelings.


Relocation Mentoring

I will be your travel companion to support you in this journey of a new beginning. I will be holding your space to explore your inner feelings in this transition so you can move forward. (Prices and Packages for life coaching apply.) 

Should you need any further practical support as a parent to start your new life in Utrecht, I will be able to help you with different options/services. Drop me a message for information on this.

Questions: hannahboehmercoaching@google.com


My support

With relocation coaching, I support you in mental challenges by:

  • Maintaining a positive mindset

  • Building up resilience

  • Reducing the stress of uprooting your entire life

  • Coping strategies to tackle all challenges like insecurity, social isolation, loneliness, frustration, culture shock, lack of belonging and loss of network of friends and family

  • Dealing with the transition with children and exploring how to be an expatriate parent.