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What my Clients say

"After six coaching sessions with Hannah, we have developed a strategy to put me on the right track to getting – and staying – in touch with myself.


In the true sense of a coach, as in one who guides but doesn’t play the game, Hannah asks me to identify my goals, hang-ups and, most importantly, values and asks me to find ways that I can effectively center those values.


She is patient but won’t let you give up on yourself. You are the captain of your own ship, but sometimes you need someone to keep you accountable. Having had coaching before with no results, I am so glad I discovered someone who is so clearly cut out for this."


USA, 2020

"Hannah is a great listener and has an amazing ability to pick up on the real underling issues which even I wasn't aware that were underpinning all the other frustrations I had and she helped me reframe them. This allowed me to realize and reflect on some thoughts and behaviours I had that were blocking me.  The biggest breakthrough was when Hannah helped me realise that by nature, I was a perfectionist, and I gave 100% of my effort 100% of the time. And naturally since it is unrealistic to be perfect all the time when I was failing I was being hard on myself. Hannah helped me understand that is OK to take time to breathe between tasks and to prioritise the tasks that need all my attention and be OK with my best effort I can realistically give to the rest of the tasks.  I accepted that my best effort is enough even though not everything can be perfect. This change in thinking allowed me to pace myself which dramatically reduced the stress and pressure and anxiety in my head and made me a lot happier.  Thank you Hannah"

Timberly Williams

"I came to Hannah after our 3rd move abroad. This move was extra emotional for me because I felt lost, I came back to a place where I had already lived and built a life but I had outgrown this place and couldn’t find myself in it again. I was overwhelmed with the move and all it’s implications, I felt lost and needed someone to hold a space for me. Hannah was that someone, she helped me organize my thoughts and feelings so that I could worry about organizing my house and kids in the new place. She helped me figure out what the root of my feelings was and what I wanted for this new stage of my life. It took me a while to process everything I learned with Hannah. I’ve revised every so often what I worked with her and this has helped me say yes to things I want and will take me to my goal and no to things that bring me down and don’t help me in my new path. I highly recommend that if you are in a similar situation you contact Hannah, she has so much insight and personal experience that connects with you in so many levels and will help you work through whatever you need to do for yourself."

Timberly Williams

"I was not sure of how effective coaching would be but after various sessions with Hannah, I felt listened to. 

She was compassionate and made me realise what I could not see and the small changes I could make to change things.  I had confidence and anxiety issues and interviewing was one of my weaknesses.  

In between my sessions with Hannah, I had an interview for a new role and Hannah had supported me through her coaching sessions which led me to gaining a new job where I am in a much better and happier place."

Timberly Williams

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