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Clien't Love

Netherlands, 2022

“Working with Hannah, I’ve achieved challenging career and personal objectives after moving to the Netherlands, improved personal and professional relationships, 

and found greater balance in my life. Her techniques and pieces of advices allow your strengths to be realized, your journey to be appreciated and a greater sense of purpose to be obtained. I feel much better from personal and professional point of view.”


"I loved working with Hannah, she helped me put my thoughts in order and understanding my strengths and talents while I transitioned from the US to here. She helped me keep my space and our time together was a blessing because it was a moment where I could focus on me and it was even a self care moment. I took a lot of notes and learned a lot during our sessions.I would highly recommend her Coaching to others."

Maia Kenney

"After six coaching sessions with Hannah, we have developed a strategy to put me on the right track to getting – and staying – in touch with myself. In the true sense of a coach, as in one who guides but doesn’t play the game, Hannah asks me to identify my goals, hang-ups and, most importantly, values and asks me to find ways that I can effectively center those values. She is patient but won’t let you give up on yourself. You are the captain of your own ship, but sometimes you need someone to keep you accountable. Having had coaching before with no results, I am so glad I discovered someone who is so clearly cut out for this."

May 2021

"I had been working with Hannah for quite some time now. She has removed the veil that was blocking me seeing and enjoying life itself. She not only helps but also teachs how to recognise my emotions, issues and understand them, so that I can take my step into recovering. She made a significant impact in my life on how I view things. I am truly grateful and can highly recommend her to everyone without a doubt."


“The value of the program ( the Happy Mom Mindset Bootcamp) is that you not only realise that you have the ability to take direction of your thoughts and thus your experiences but also get tools to practice it …. just knowing is nothing, it’s in the doing and getting to know yourself better that really shifts things.
Hannah is a wonderful, warm and loving coach and pod leader. She holds a safe space for the group and encourages you with a warm yet firm hand to take the next step in your journey. I can wholeheartedly recommend the program and you will be lucky to have Hannah as your group coach.”

South Africa, 2021

“I am so much freer, happier and more confident at the end of this course than at the beginning. Hannah has been a great coach along the journey. She was there for us on all levels where we needed support, whether it was how to use the technology, helping us to understand the content, encouraging us and giving emotional support, and gently coaching and guiding us as a group and as individuals. Our one-on-one coaching sessions were perfectly timed with the group programme. Hannah helped me achieve yet another breakthrough that tied all the things I had learned during the previous six weeks together and move forward confidently.”


Coaching Client, April 2021

"Hannah is a fantastic coach who can really bring about change in your clients. She has determination that is very admirable in drilling down to the issues at hear, and also together with your clients finding practical, creative solutions that work. I highly recommend Hannah to help with any issues you may be struggling with, big or small."

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