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Workshops & Trainings

I am a certified Co-active Coach and Mental Fitness Coach helping you to empower groups with workshops or trainings.


Workshop and Coaching for Companies and Organizations

A Workshop brings your people together for the purpose of networking, bonding, and learning. Reflecting & Strategizing in a group brings personal development and motivation and will leave your people inspired and empowered.

Workshops and Groupcoachings can both be customized according to your needs.

It could be a discussion and idea exchange on team conflicts, personality helper by raising self awareness, a guaranteed networking space for like minded employees and most importantly, a space that helps everyone grow and perform better.

Within a peer group in a Groupcoaching project employees increase their self-awareness, learn how to ask powerful questions and listen actively as well as how to help others to grow skilfully.


Leaders and employees learn coaching practices and embed them into daily (business) life.

The goal is here to enable people with coaching and conversational skills on a step-wise learning journey.

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