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The Happy
Mindset Circle

What if you could discover a way to have more positive energy, and feel more calm and focused?


Do you want to become more resilient in order to take on challenges at work?

Do want to improve your relationship with your partner or your work relationships?

Are you stuck in a state of overwhelm and stress, juggling both kids and work?

Do you ever have the feeling that you are not fully present while playing with your kids and already worrying about the next thing?

Do you sometimes feel isolated and trapped in overwork and poor self-care?


That is what the Happy Mindset Circle is all about 

   ​​​​​​​​​​It’s a transformational journey for women to discover what is holding back and what is sabotaging mentally in Life, Work, Love and Parenting. 

   It’s about training the mind, so you don’t experience this mental overload as stress, fear and frustration. 

   It is really about empowering you and lifting you up. And it can be a life-changing experience.

The Circle is for you if:

  • You can’t seem to catch a break during your busy day so you feel sometimes exhausted

  • You want to become happier, reduce the overwhelm and increase your wellbeing

  • You are not the mother you want to be, because you are tired and lacking patience

  • You want to control your emotions and stopping your mental autopilot (i.e. your automatic reactions under stress)

  • You would like to get to know other like-minded mothers, to connect and share experiences


You will notice your progress instantly. After just a few days you will feel the difference.


Your time investment is 15 minutes a day and what you gain is worth a lifetime.


"Through this course I had the opportunity to tick all the points you mentioned in your program - but most importantly you have provided the opportunity to remember who I have been since I were a little girl, how I lost my way because I was focused on the saboteurs and I was trained to believe I am the problem and how much effort, commitment, love and dedication I decided to invest to re-train my whole and return back to the girl I have always been!

It has been a fruitful and very touching process and I can only praise you for this gift!"

Meropi, Athens

How will this go?

The 6-week Happy Mindset Circle gives you the insights, motivation and structure to learn how to work through those constant feelings of not being good enough, Mom guilt and work anxiety, so you can finally feel free.


The Bootcamp is a mix of personal coaching, app-based daily practices and virtual lectures. You get:


  • 6 Weekly group coaching sessions with a small group of international women (5 max)

  • Daily app-based support and practices to strengthen your mind

  • 1:1 Deep-dive coaching with me (one session included as an optional bonus)

  • Daily check-in via WhatsApp, ongoing support and connection with other Moms

  • Weekly video trainings and exercises

  • An assessment of your mental Saboteurs and how to deal with them

All this included for only € 499


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