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10 good reasons why YOU should work with Me!


As a coach and mentor, I not only offer you my professional skills, but also real added value for your personal and professional development. Here are 10 reasons why working with me is particularly worthwhile for you:

Why You Should Work with Me:


Through years of experience in various fields and as your trained and certified coach, together we can quickly uncover your needs and make them tangible for you.


My many years of experience as a coach, lawyer, mother and expat enable me to look beyond the obvious problems in the coaching process and recognize hidden potential in you that can help you achieve your goals.


My commitment to you and my enthusiasm have a positive effect on the coaching process and motivate my clients to develop their full potential. I carry you with my energy and give you positive support.


In times of change and crisis, I can be an empathetic support and help you find positive ways through difficult situations. You will feel heard, understood and accepted.


I am known for my open and direct communication. You can always count on honest feedback and clear statements to help you develop. I push you out of your comfort zone when necessary and am always by your side as your partner in crime.


The lightness I bring to our coaching sessions enables you to tackle your challenges creatively.


I have developed intercultural sensitivity through years of experience abroad. This enables me to build a bridge for you, to find your way in new environments and to overcome intercultural barriers.


New beginnings are hard? I am a beginner de luxe myself: As someone who has overcome many challenges in my professional and private life and is still learning new things, I can empathize with your situation and help you overcome the hurdles on your way.


I have learned precise problem analysis in my legal background and with this skill we are able to structure your coaching process in such a way that you can set clearly defined goals.


I customize my coaching approach to your individual needs and goals to ensure you get the best possible support you deserve.

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Not enough yet?

With my in-depth expertise and my own life experience, I am at your side as a competent Coach and Mentor who understands exactly what you are going through and what steps you need to take to move forward.


Feel free to contact me for a no-obligation initial consultation and let's find out together your good reasons for coaching with me!

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