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Not sure where to begin?

Start somewhere.
Reclaim YOUR life.

You can thrive in career AND motherhood


The Happy Mom Mindset Circle
starts again soon

That is what the Happy Mom Mindset Circle is all about. 


⭐ It’s a transformational journey for mothers to discover what is holding them back and what is sabotaging them mentally in Life, Love and Parenting. 


⭐ It’s about training your mind, so you don’t experience this mental overload as stress, fear and frustration. 


⭐ It is really about empowering you and lifting you up. And it can be a life-changing experience.

Curious how it works? Just send me an E-mail for more details and book on of the 5 seats!

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Hi, I am


I am a Life & Relocation Coach. I work with mothers, who feel uninspired, stuck, facing self doubts and limiting beliefs.
I work with women, who want to discover their unapologetical self, so they can set life on THEIR tracks, without ignoring their own feeling and without Mom guilt. Uprooting your life abroad can be overwhelming. Lets tackle your challenges. Together.

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Do you want 'more' out of your life but you don't know what more looks like or how to figure it out?

Do you feel your mindset is becoming too negative?
Outside of being a mom, a professional, and a wife, you’re not really sure who you are anymore?

Do you want less confusion in your head and less stress in your life?

Whatever your individual reason might be, you are here, acknowledging your desire for change.

We can make that happen, together.
The coaching process will help you to uncover your limiting beliefs and gain clarity on the obstacles in your way. My questions and tools will support you reflect on your life vision, focusing on you as a whole person and building up resilience.


We are not a problem to be fixed; we are instead a life to be lived. 


Clients Love


After six coaching sessions with Hannah, we have developed a strategy to put me on the right track to getting – and staying – in touch with myself. In the true sense of a coach, as in one who guides but doesn’t play the game, Hannah asks me to identify my goals, hang-ups and, most importantly, values and asks me to find ways that I can effectively center those values. She is patient but won’t let you give up on yourself. You are the captain of your own ship, but sometimes you need someone to keep you accountable. Having had coaching before with no results, I am so glad I discovered someone who is so clearly cut out for this.

Maia Kenney, Coaching Client 2020