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How is it possible to increase your mental well-being in the lockdown?

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

The lockdown now going to week 5 is challenging all my emotions and calling on all my inner saboteurs to come out.

I am many things. I am a coach. I am an entrepreneur. I am a woman:

but let’s face it, three kids at home including some home-schooling plus a toddler just doing humbug the whole day drives me to an extreme mode in surveillance, caring, supporting and helping. I feel mostly more reacting than driving my focused action.

The most needed function at this time is being a mother for my children in times they are lacking social connection, school and yes, their life. Being with them in their ups and downs of coping with a new lonely reality in front of virtual classrooms.

Bitterly enough there is no time to be the entrepreneur I want to be this time, no time to roll out my marketing plans I had for the new year, no time to reflect on what I want and what my professional intentions are right now.

But I am needed, as mother. And in my heart, as a coach and as everything I am, I am being challenged to face my saboteurs while being impatient with the work I additionally have to do. To surrender to the emotions of saboteurs and thoughts who are troubling and compelling me to not be present with the kids.

For me it’s an opportunity to practice embracing this challenge with empathy and love, for the kids, bit especially for me.

Not because I am a saint, but because life kicks me to do so. And because it is a challenge I choose to accept daily rather than feeling overwhelmed in the presence.

I am learning and I understand:

stress can only exist if you are not present. If you are thinking about the future next moment or your own plans of spending time with your (loved)work, your mental wellbeing is put on risk as you are not putting the emphasis on the present moment.

If you are not in the moment but in your head, stress sneaks in like a thief, stealing even the happy moments you could have supporting them in their life challenge and this life the pandemic created for them.

Leadership in these difficult times, when you are not able to follow the plans you actually had, how could that look like?

I feel that it is the leadership of the present moment which is to achieve. Just be present. Chose to be present. Whatever you do.

How are you challenged to be present as a leader in this lockdown?

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