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4 ways to boost your positive thinking

Positive thinking

As a Trainer and Facilitator in Mental Fitness, but also as a Positive Intelligence Coach, I discovered, that some believe that the only way of staying healthy is to eat well, sleep on time, and exercise. Those are some good ways to boost your health, but none will be fully effective if your mind isn’t positive.

What we tell our subconscious is a powerful tool in shaping who we become. To boost your health, you need to keep up positive thinking always.

You don’t need to embark on a Mental Fitness Training program ( which I totally recommend though for sustainably strengthen your mental muscles- see the Happy Mindset Circle I offer). There are simple ways you can go by cultivating positive thoughts while eliminating negativity in thinking.

But like with everything in the world, practice is everything so our brain can learn to follow a positive thinking pattern.

Here are 4 ways to think positively to boost your health

1) See the gift in everything

By pinning your focus on the good in the situation, you open yourself up for a creative yet positive way of handling situations. This will not only increase your resilience but it helps you to cope more easily with sometimes difficult situations.

2) Practice and show gratitude

Practicing and showing gratitude has been one of those proven ways that can help individuals to keep up positive thinking for good health. Doing this will help in eliminating stress while improving your self-esteem. Practicing gratitude will also help you to be resilient no matter the situation in which you find yourself. To do this, look at the people around you and think of the happiness or good deeds they have contributed to you, no matter how small it is, express gratitude towards them with a spoken word of appreciation.

3) Know that you are enough: positive self-talk

In my Coaching I am using some excersises from mental fitness to help you learn this: to practice positive self-talk, you must identify ways in which you have been doing negative self-talk and change your mind to positive self-talk. If you feel you are not good enough or you are not doing enough, respond directly with a positive message to yourself. This way your brain learns how to adjust and react more positively. For instance, instead of blaming yourself for doing something the wrong way, just self-talk that the experience has given you chances of learning better and doing it better some other time. This practice is tightly connected with seeing the gift in something: this gift here is the gift of knowledge for the next situation.

4) Change your attitude towards stress

Stress comes up when you are not focused and in the moment as your brain is overwhelmed and jumping around. Stress is one of the factors that affect the way we think the way we do. To keep up positive thinking for a good healthy lifestyle, you need to see stress as having the potential to make us live beyond expectations and get stronger and smarter. You need to see this stress as a wake up call, to stop the negative emotions. With this awareness, you will eliminate negative thoughts that may want to develop due to the stress faced. With this mindset you are able to grow again, and use your knowledge about yourself and the situation as motor to thrive when it comes up again.

And, if you want to wake up empowered and with a positive mindset the next day, set your intention when you go to bed. Think of some things your are already looking forward to the next day. Keep up positive thinking to boost your health, always start every day on a good and bright side.

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